Model – Biot – Savart Law – Update

Model: Biot -Savart Law (update)

ScienSolar version: 1.5

Files to download:

  1. 28_Ley de Biot – Savart_ES.txt
  2. 28_Biot-Savart Law_EN.txt


  1. This model is an upgrade to the 28 model that comes in ScienSolar’s project list. 
    It was optimized for the new version of ScienSolar.
  2. Fixed some technical errors that did not allow dB vectors to be observed. The units were modified, now adapted to the International System.
  3. The procedure for adding multiple currents to the model was optimized.


Download the two text files, copy the contents of each file and replace them in the Excel workbook in the VBA editor, removing the old code corresponding to this same project in module 6 at the end of the module. Remember that there is version _ES and version _EN.