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ScienSolar © PhD Ariel R. Becerra B., 2022.

By downloading the package you agree to the terms and conditions under the license.

Creative Commons CC BY NC 3.0

Download ScienSolar 1.5

Update date: April 10, 2024.


Installation instructions:

  • Make sure you don’t have any MS Excel activation issues. Macros only work if Excel is properly activated. For 3D models it is necessary to have a version of Excel 2019 or later, other models can work with previous versions.
  • Disable antivirus while installing.
  • Click on the link above to download the ScienSolar 1.5 package.
  • Open a new workbook in MS Excel.
  • Go to the Visual Basic (VBA) editor (Alt + F11 on Windows or Fn + Option + F11 on macOS).
  • In the VBA editor, in the project explorer on the left, right click and insert module. Insert 6 modules.
  • Go to the downloaded package, open the file 1_5MODULE_1, select all contents, copy and paste into VBA in the first module.
  • Do the same procedure for the other files, pasting the content of each one in a separate module until you have completed the 6 files.
  • Go to the Excel sheet, in the DEVELOPER tab insert a new button in the sheet. (If the PROGRAMMER or DEVELOPER tab is not enabled, you can enable it in the Excel menu, in Preferences or Options, Toolbar and Ribbon, in the list that appears on the right select DEVELOPER (PROGRAMMER).
  • When you press Insert button, you must touch some part of the sheet area to place the button. A window will appear requesting the name of the macro to be assigned to the button. Select the NewSheet macro. Press OK.
    Then press the button. The ScienSolar interface will appear in the Spreadsheet.
  • Open the 3DModels book that comes with the package, then, on the 3DModels sheet name, right click and make a copy to the new book where it was copied in code. This sheet contains some items required for some models.
  • Save the new workbook as a macro-enabled workbook on your desktop or in a different folder than your downloads folder.

Other ways to download:

Download the file with the code already included: ScienSolar.xlsm

Note: If the file does not open correctly, use the method described above to install it.