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 ScienSolar is a package designed to build models of physics and mathematics problems in MS Excel. One of its main advantages is that programming knowledge is not necessary to use it, as it allows modeling problems directly from the Excel spreadsheet using the functions that this program offers. This simplifies and streamlines the modeling process, allowing for greater efficiency in work.

 (tested on MS Excel 2013-2019 for Windows and Mac).



ScienSolar. © PhD Ariel R. Becerra B., 2022.


By downloading the package, you acknowledge that you agree to the following terms and conditions of use. 

ScienSolar package is protected by current copyright laws. You may use this package for free for personal non-commercial purposes only. If you wish to make modifications for non-commercial purposes, be sure to retain the copyright notice. This code package is provided “as is” and without any warranty, express or implied. Please note that selling any part or all of the ScienSolar package content without prior permission from the author is strictly prohibited.

Obs: Macros must be enabled when opening the file.


Option 1

Download the Excel File with the package integrated and ready to use.

Download Observations

(Field of charge distributions)
The code button was updated to save large projects and download them without trouble to the Excel sheet (when loading, press the Vector button several consecutive times until all the vectors are loaded). Some bugs are fixed and projects are reorganized. The authorship of new modules is recorded in the code.
Improved interface.
  • Code optimization.
  • New feature to visualize any field in cylindrical, spherical, and Cartesian coordinates with a single click.
  • Inclusion of HELP and basic information for each project.
  • Inclusion of a time counter to warn about rendering delays before starting.
  • New module added for lens image.
ScienSolar v 1.2
ScienSolar v 1.1
Support for 3D models in Excel (Excel 2019 version and later).
ScienSolar v 1.0
Basic package.

Option 2

Download the code to integrate into an existing Excel workbook. The package is distributed in seven text files (updated 2023.12.02).