Model – Field of nuclear charges

ScienSolar Version: 1.5

Model features:


Download and installation

Click here to download file 1 

Click here to download file 2


  1. Open the downloaded files.
  2. Open the Excel Workbook that already contains the ScienSolar package installed, and go to the VBA editor. Add a new module.
  3. Copy the contents of the two files to the new VBA module.
  4. In the CONFIG sheet of the Excel workbook, in column B find the last record in the project list, drag the formula to the next row, in column C write the next consecutive number. In column E write the title of the project in English, for example Field of Nuclear Charges, and in column F in Spanish, for example Campo de cargas nucleares.
  5. Verify that the consecutive number described matches the one in the code in its header. If it doesn’t match, change it in the code header.
  6. Press the New Sheet button. The project should now appear in the project list.